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Lem and I are now making concrete statues of various breeds. The French Bulldog of course and many others.

View our statues on the Sitting Pretty Statues for sale page. Statues can be made to order particularly the XLarge ones, the smaller ones are usually available all the time.

If we don't have the breed you seek, ask it may not be up there yet.

We will be updating regularly as we complete the new breed statues. I am in the process of making a latex mould of a Schnauzer, Stafford and Art Deco French Bulldog bust.

Some of the ready made moulds are incorrect by the standard, making it necessary to make our own moulds. We would appreciate the advice of breeders if they think we haven't depicted their breed correctly. Please email us with suggestions.

Jenni & Lem [email protected]

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A time when dogs had to eliminate in the curb/gutter.


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